Bone Lost After Extraction

Socket preservation or alveolar ridge preservation is a procedure to reduce bone lost after tooth extraction to preserve the jaw bone

Research found that after an extraction:

40% – 60% of height and width may be loss in 2 – 3 years if no socket preservation is performed after an extraction
Jaw bone width reduced by 25% after 1 year of extraction
Jaw bone height loss of 1.35mm after tooth extraction

The bone lost pattern after extraction is multifactorial, but has the following pattern:

Rapid bone loss in the first 6 months
Then the bone loss continued at a slower rate
Ridge resorption (bone loss) is greater in the upper jaw as in compare to the lower jaw, approximately 4:1

Socket Preservation or Socket Augmentation goal is to build alveolar ridge, the jaw bone for future:
1 Aesthetic and optimal gum contour of the future tooth whether it will be an implant crown, bridge pontic or a denture tooth.  It is more important if the person have a high smile line
2 Future dental implant

What is Socket Preservation involve?

1 Atraumatic extraction, should be done by an Implant Dentist.
2 Placement of an Augmentation or bone graft material into the extraction socket
3 Placement of a Membrane to protect the bone graft and hold it in place
4 Sutures to keep the Membrane and bone graft in place

Why implant Dentist should be the one who extract the tooth?

When a person has a tooth remove by a normal Dentist, the goal of the procedure is extraction of the hopeless tooth. The tooth can successfully extract, but the jaw bone may get damage without patient and the Dentist knowledge!

When the same patient have a tooth remove by an Implant Dentist, the goal is not only take the tooth out but also preserve the jaw bone for possible future dental implant. He would have certain special equipment, and do Atraumatic extraction so that the jaw bone is preserve; otherwise it will be more complex for him to place an implant in at a later date.

If needed, Implant Dentist can assess and perform Socket Preservation at the same time so that patient does not need to have the area numb up again, less pain and down time.

Below is an excellent Video describe the needs of Socket preservation

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