Children Dentistry

Children dentistry and children dental health is an important part of our practice.  We will look after your child.

Oral and general medical health is important for a child’s growth, development, and self-esteem.
At Best Western Dental Centre, we want your children to have the best dental and medical health possible.
Visits to a dentist when children as young as 2 years of age, is important in order to detect any problems in growth and oral health as soon as possible. Early visits to dentist will allow patient to get used to go to dentist.
If you children has had the following signs, symptoms or habits please contact Best Western Dental Centre to get an opinion on the necessary treatments as all the problems below are link with dental health:
Tongue tied
Crooked teeth
Grinding teeth and worn down teeth
Teeth not meeting in the front (open bite)
Breathing problems like mouth breathing and snoring
Bed wetting
Multiple ear infections
Thumb sucking or using a pacifier or a dummy

The important of children dentistry

The general health, growth and development of children are linked to children dental health. This is why it is necessary to be alert and observe the child carefully right since the first baby tooth erupts. It is important to take children to a clinic can provide paediatric dentistry. Firstly, regular visits to our Dentist can prevent tooth decay and other problems early. Therefore treatments will be on time.  Secondly, regular visits to the best child dentists at Best Western Dental Centre is that the child gets used to the dental examinations and simple treatments from an early age.  This in turn will lessen the chance of avoiding dentist results in negative impact on dental and even general health.
Best Western Dental Centre is the right place for the best children dental care. With the skills and experience, our team will take good care of your children dental health.

We bulk bill Medicare for children 2-17 years,  with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Since the introduction of Child Dental Benefit Schedule of Medicare in January 2014, it is much more affordable to get your child dental health in to top shape.
We are providing Children Dental treatments for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill…
Call us today on 4731 4655 for an appointment.
Dr Nathan Le offer this same service at Kempsey Dental Centre .

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