Puja Sarker

Puja Sarker graduated from University of Sydney in Oral Health. She and is a qualified Oral Health Therapist.
She enjoys seeing children and being able to make dental visits a fun and pleasant experience. Puja believes that having a positive experience at a young age can pave a pathway to enthusiastic attitudes towards oral health.

Puja Sarker interest in gum disease and oral maintenance. Nothing is more rewarding to her than seeing patients motivated to work on their home care and see the results of their recovering gums. Puja takes her time with anxious patients. She taking them through each step of the procedure. Puja has a gentle and thorough approach to make hygiene appointments an easy and comfortable experience.

Puja assist Dr Le in orthodontics. She enjoys seeing patients through each of their individual journeys to their desired smiles.

Her hobbies include spending time with loved ones, catching up on movies and TV shows and exploring different cultures and cuisines.







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