Gum Treatment

Best Western Dental Centre offers gum treatment including bleeding gum, gum recession and loose teeth, helping you to keep your teeth for life.

Do your gum bleed by itself or when you brushes your teeth? If so you may have gum disease.

Gum disease or ‘periodontal disease’  is one of the most common factors affecting the dental health of adults, creating a multitude of problems including loss of teeth, in most extreme cases.

The signs of periodontal disease are: bleeding, inflammation in the gums, unpleasant taste and bad breath. Gum disease can cause discomfort when chewing, biting, pain and loosening of teeth.

Essentially, periodontal disease begins with the build up of plaque which, if left uncleaned, hardens into tartar. This layer of tartar is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which in turn acts as the primary cause for infection to the area of surrounding gum.

As this infection advances through the gums, the supporting tissues are lost around the teeth and which in turn, causes the gums to recede. A pocket is then created in which more bacteria may multiply, creating further disease and infection.

How to prevent gum disease?

Brushes you teeth after breakfast and after dinner.

Floss your teeth daily, at least once a day after dinner, either before OR after teeth brushing is fine.

Clean your tongue using a Tongue Scraper.  You would be amaze what would come off your tongue after you use it.  We do give out FREE Tongue scraper.  We also show our patients how to use it when they come in for a teeth clean.

See our gentle Dentist to get your teeth and gum check and also have a scale (teeth clean) every 6 months.

We are providing Gum treatments for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas.  This including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill…

  • Before-GummySmile-1
    Before GummySmile-1 After
  • Before-GummySmile-2
    Before GummySmile-2 After
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    Before GummySmile-3 After
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    Before GummySmile-4 After
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    Before GummySmile-5 After
  • Before-GummySmile-6
    Before GummySmile-6 After

If your gum bleed or you have bad breath, you should call us today on 4731 4655, and we will improve your dental health!

Dr Nathan Le also offer this treatment at Kempsey Dental Centre .

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