How to look after Dental Implants?

How to look after Dental Implants?

Although dental implants don’t decay like natural teeth can, they can collect plaque which contains bacteria that can destroy bone around the implants. Progressive bone loss can destabilize the implant which is an infection known as peri-implantitis.


Therefore it is just as important to take care of dental implants as it is natural teeth.


The long-term prognosis of your implant is greatly influenced by a thorough home care routine and regular recalls at the dentist.


How to look after Dental Implants for single tooth implant:

  • Sonic Toothbrush (Colgate Omron or Philips Sonicare, most basic model is adequate): brush all surfaces of teeth and along the gum line, 2 times daily.
  • WaterPik and/or Dental floss: must use daily to clean in between the teeth/implant(s)

The WaterPik employs a high pressure water jet that capable of clean gum margins and in between teeth/implants(s) really well. Waterpik is much more simple to use as in compare to dental flossing


For implant bridge and full arch implant support prostheses

  • Sonic Toothbrush (Colgate Omron or Philips Sonicare): brush all surfaces of teeth and along the gum line, 2 times daily.
  • WaterPik: use this water flosser after every meal if possible. This is the easiest way to clean under implant bridge.
  • Piksters: Interdental brushes such as Piksters can be used to clean in between implants and under fixtures. They come in different sizes and is easy to use.
  • Oral B Super Floss: can be effective in cleaning around the implant fixtures and under the bridge, is fiddlier to use in compare to Waterpik.


6 monthly Recall appointments:

We like to see our dental implant patients every or 6 months to check the gum health of their implant, and adjust the bite as needed.


Patients who have/had gum disease with their natural teeth and/or smoke cigarette are more susceptible to bone loss and peri-implantitis on their implants.


Peri-implantitis is often painless, and can progress quickly where implant could become loose and fall out.  It is therefore really important that you look after your implant teeth well, and have your implant check, clean, bite adjusted every 6 months to make your investment last as long as possible.

Below are examples of the life changing results that we has achieved with some of our patients

  • Before-Single tooth Implant-1
    After-Single tooth Implant-1
    Before Single tooth Implant-1 After
  • Before-Multiple implant -2
    After-Multiple implant -2
    Before Multiple implant -2 After
  • Before-Single tooth Implant-3
    After-Single tooth Implant-3
    Before Single tooth Implant-3 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-4
    After-Teeth Implant-4
    Before Teeth Implant-4 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-5
    After-Teeth Implant-5
    Before Teeth Implant-5 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-6
    After-Teeth Implant-6
    Before Teeth Implant-6 After
  • Before-Dental Implants-7
    After-Dental Implants-7
    Before Dental Implants-7 After
  • Before-Dental Implants-8
    After-Dental Implants-8
    Before Dental Implants-8 After
  • Before-Single tooth Implant-9
    After-Single tooth Implant-9
    Before Single tooth Implant-9 After
  • Before-Single dental Implant-10
    After-Single dental Implant-10
    Before Single dental Implant-10 After
  • Before-Dental Implant -12
    After-Dental Implant -12
    Before Dental Implant -12 After
  • Before-Implant-13
    Before Implant-13 After
  • Before-Implant-14
    Before Implant-14 After
  • Before-Implant-15
    Before Implant-15 After
  • Before-Implant-16
    Before Implant-16 After
  • Before-Implant-17
    Before Implant-17 After
  • Before-Implant-18
    Before Implant-18 After
  • Before-Implant-19
    Before Implant-19 After
  • Before-Implant-20
    Before Implant-20 After
  • Before-Implant-21
    Before Implant-21 After
  • Before-Implant-22
    Before Implant-22 After

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