Implant for Denture Wearer

Implant for Denture wearer refer to the use of dental implants for patients who wear dentures to help dentures more stable, less moving around.

Implant for Denture wearer – Implant retained over-dentures: often apply for Full lower dentures
Implant retained dentures refer to denture that help to stay in-place with 1 or more implants.
Patient benefit from this treatment  are those that has been wearing full dentures for a long time now and is fed up with denture move around when talking, fall out and sore with eating.
If implants used to stabilise a denture, the denture when seated will rest comfortably on your gum tissue with virtually no movement and enable you to talk with confidence and eat with ease. Your denture will feel totally secure. A full lower denture can be stabilised with four key hole implants from $4,800.00.
Implant for Denture wearer – Implant supported over-dentures: often apply for upper Full dentures
Implant supported dentures is when the denture is sitting on 4 or more implants. They are classified as implant supported because the denture sits entirely on the dental implant fixtures and often do NOT touches the soft tissues (gums) The implants retain the denture from moving as well as supporting the dentures from hitting the gums. The added advantage is that the more dental implants that are placed the less bone will atrophy and the dentures are more stable.
Advantages of Removable Dental Implant Prosthetic  
– Much easier to keep clean than non removable option
– They are less expensive and easier to get done
– Less expensive to repair when they break.

We are providing Implant for denture wearer treatments for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill…

If you have loose dentures, call us today on 4731 4655 so Dr Le can improve your quality of life by stopping that loose denture moving around

  • Before-Single tooth Implant-1
    After-Single tooth Implant-1
    Before Single tooth Implant-1 After
  • Before-Multiple implant -2
    After-Multiple implant -2
    Before Multiple implant -2 After
  • Before-Single tooth Implant-3
    After-Single tooth Implant-3
    Before Single tooth Implant-3 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-4
    After-Teeth Implant-4
    Before Teeth Implant-4 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-5
    After-Teeth Implant-5
    Before Teeth Implant-5 After
  • Before-Teeth Implant-6
    After-Teeth Implant-6
    Before Teeth Implant-6 After
  • Before-Dental Implants-7
    After-Dental Implants-7
    Before Dental Implants-7 After
  • Before-Dental Implants-8
    After-Dental Implants-8
    Before Dental Implants-8 After
  • Before-Single tooth Implant-9
    After-Single tooth Implant-9
    Before Single tooth Implant-9 After
  • Before-Single dental Implant-10
    After-Single dental Implant-10
    Before Single dental Implant-10 After
  • Before-Dental Implant -12
    After-Dental Implant -12
    Before Dental Implant -12 After
  • Before-Implant-13
    Before Implant-13 After
  • Before-Implant-14
    Before Implant-14 After
  • Before-Implant-15
    Before Implant-15 After
  • Before-Implant-16
    Before Implant-16 After
  • Before-Implant-17
    Before Implant-17 After
  • Before-Implant-18
    Before Implant-18 After
  • Before-Implant-19
    Before Implant-19 After
  • Before-Implant-20
    Before Implant-20 After
  • Before-Implant-21
    Before Implant-21 After
  • Before-Implant-22
    Before Implant-22 After

Dr Nathan Le also offer this treatment: Implant for Denture wearer at Kempsey Dental Centre

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