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Best Western Dental Centre use the latest LASER: WaterLase iPlus to perform Gum Lifting, Frenectomy: Tongue Tie and Lip Tie treatments

Laser Gum Lifting

When there is over growth gum, or an asymmetry of the gum show when smiling, we can trim these excess gum using Laser. This is a minimal discomfort procedure where your gums will need to be numb up. Dr Le use Laser to contour your gum to give you a nicer smile.  This is in turn making your teeth look longer if it is needed.  With Laser, there will be no bleeding and the gum fully heal within a week.

Laser Frenectomy

When you or your child have a space/gap between the 2 upper front teeth.  This often due to a connection of the muscle inside the upper lip pull on the gum in between the 2 upper front teeth.  Therefore creating the gap called midline diastema.  Dr Le can use Laser to cut this Frenum off, prevent further problem caused by this strong frenum.

Tongue Tie

This happens when the tongue is held down by a muscle attachment to the floor of the mouth just behind the lower front teeth. Tongue tie will stop babies feeding properly, make it more difficult to clean lower teeth.  Tongue tie can also impaired speech. This condition also cause sleep problems. Tongue tie and lip tie causes hinder proper jaw development, this inturn cause narrow jaw and crooked teeth.

Laser treatment of tongue tie is a simple procedure to fix this big problem.

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We are providing Dental Laser treatments for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill…

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Apart from offer these services at Best western Dental Centre, Dr Nathan Le also offer the same service at Kempsey Dental Centre

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