Mouth Breathing and snoring

Did parents know mouth breathing can cause crooked teeth, snoring, sleep apnea, ADHD, enlarge tonsils, bed wetting, multiple ear infections?


Every one that snore,  do breath through their mouth!


Mouth breathing is a serious health problem. Our nose functions are to warm, humidify and most importantly filter the air from dust; allergens before it get to our lung. Breath un-filter air would result in inhale of more allergens; this may cause more allergies and swollen tonsil. The main function of tonsils is to trap germs (bacteria and viruses) which we may breathe in. Swollen tonsil can partially block the airway, make it more difficult to breath. The person then have to breath by the mouth more which make the problem worse. Swollen Tonsil may need to be surgically remove by an ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat specialist)

In our lung, the air brings in Oxygen that carries by Haemoglobin in our blood to our body tissues.
A mouth breather person take in a larger than normal amount of air.  This result in lower level of CO2 in our body. CO2 level of about 6% is important for Haemoglobin to function properly, to bring Oxygen to our brain and tissues which is essential for our normal body function.  When the Oxygen level are too low for the brain to function, from lower level of CO2 ( from hyperventilation when awake or from mouth breather while sleeping) , the body protective mechanism kick in, and the person can lose consciousness (fainting) when awake OR stop breathing while sleeping (sleep apnea)

Long term breathing problems are likely to lead to

i. Snoring
ii. Sleep apnea leading to tiredness and therefore ADHD
iii. ADHD
iv. Enlarge tonsil, which block the airway and in turn make the above problems worse
v. Multiple ear infections
vi. Bed wetting

We are swallowing about 2,000 times a day.  The tongue is meant to sit on the roof of the mouth most of the time and is there when we are swallowing. Mouth breather person have their tongue at rest in the floor of the mouth and will have an in correct swallow pattern where they are supposed to be on the palate, which is roof of the mouth. This would to lead to:
i. Narrow upper jaw, causes crooked upper teeth.  Crooked teeth apart from do not look nice, it also make it much more difficult to keep teeth clean and more prone to dental caries and gum disease.
ii. Narrow upper jaw lock the lower jaw in a retruded position, causes big over bite. This in correct bite relationship can affect eating, rings in the ear, causes jaw clicking, jaw locking, pain and head aches, plus early and abnormal jaw joint wear.
iii. Under develop upper jaw and mouth breather may lead to under develop of the bone/ conchae inside the nose


Laser Frenectomy and Myobrace often are the best treatment to date aim to rectify this breathing problem.

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