Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the best way to replace multiple missing teeth.

We offers quite a few options to replace multiple missing teeth including teeth implants. Bridges and Dentures are popular ways of doing so, though the best treatment to go with would be teeth implants. These implants are completely made out of titanium metal and are placed into places of the old roots of the missing teeth. This process often cause minimal discomfort. Afterwards, you will have teeth implants that completely resemble natural teeth and soon you’ll forget you’ve ever had such a procedure.

Almost every single person can receive dental implants, though there are always rare cases that will not allow it. If there is not enough jaw bone from an underdeveloped jaw or damaged gums that may prolong the procedure, which you would need bone grafting. These are reasons as to why you need to set up an initial appointment with us to find out exactly what needs to be done. The teeth implant costs will depend on what is need to be done to be determined at the second consultation.
Give us a call today to set up an appointment. After the process is complete, you do need to follow our instruction to take care of your teeth so they last the longest, you’ll be able to smile with confidence without having to worry about having multiple missing teeth.

Replacing multiple missing teeth you have the following options:

1. Removable denture:

 –  Removable, unnatural
 –  May damage adjacent teeth with time
 –  Subject to breakage

2. Fix Bridge:

– Need to cut down adjacent teeth
– Cannot do bridge if there is no back teeth

The conventional fixed bridge requires that your dentist drills down two adjacent teeth to create space for the crowns of the bridging teeth. Placing a bridge on natural teeth increases the functional forces that are placed upon them and makes the use of floss between the teeth more difficult.

Conventional bridges may need to be replaced if the supporting teeth develop decay or periodontal disease. In a certain percentage of instances while preparing the adjacent teeth for crowns (i.e. drilling down a tooth), the preparatory procedure will cause the nerve of the tooth to die and require root canal treatment to eliminate infection of the nerve. This can lead to a shortening of the lifespan of the supporting tooth, eventually leading to further extractions.

3. Implant and Porcelain Bridge: avoiding the need to cut down the adjacent teeth.

Example: 3 teeth are missing, 2 implants placed, which support a porcelain bridge.  This bridge consists of 3 crowns that replace the 3 missing teeth.

4. Implant Crowns: each implant crown replace each missing tooth is the best option as this allows normal flossing, as if the replacement implant was still a natural tooth. However this is a more expensive option.

  • Before-Implants-1
    Before Implants-1 After
  • Before-Implants-2
    Before Implants-2 After
  • Before-Implants-3
    Before Implants-3 After
  • Before-Implants-4
    Before Implants-4 After
  • Before-Implants-5
    Before Implants-5 After
  • Before-Implants-6
    Before Implants-6 After
  • Before-Implants-7
    Before Implants-7 After
  • Before-Implants-8
    Before Implants-8 After
  • Before-Implants-9
    Before Implants-9 After
  • Before-Implants-10
    Before Implants-10 After
  • Before-Implants-11
    Before Implants-11 After
  • Before-Implants-12
    Before Implants-12 After
  • Before-Implants-13
    Before Implants-13 After
  • Before-Implants-14
    Before Implants-14 After
  • Before-Implants-15
    Before Implants-15 After
  • Before-Implants-16
    Before Implants-16 After
  • Before-Implants-17
    Before Implants-17 After
  • Before-Implants-18
    Before Implants-18 After
  • Before-Implants-19
    Before Implants-19 After
  • Before-Implants-20
    Before Implants-20 After
  • Before-Implants-21
    Before Implants-21 After
  • Before-Implants-22
    Before Implants-22 After

We are providing Multiple Missing Teeth treatment using Dental Implant for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill..

If you are interested in any of these treatments, then call us today on 4731 4655 or email us to get started on a procedure that will replace your missing teeth, get rid that loose denture and bring back that smile.

Dr Nathan Le also offer Implant treatments at Kempsey Dental Centre

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