Tooth Extraction – the final destination

18 Jan 2019

Tooth Extraction – the final destination

When baby teeth need removal for children under 6 years old: it is most important that
your child is treated by child friendly clinician with plenty of experience with younger kids. A
more experienced Dental Therapist and Oral Health Therapist are one of the best to do this
procedure, to keep that a nicer experience for you and your child.

When a tooth need extraction, a General Dentist will remove that tooth, mission accomplish
when the tooth is extracted. The preservation of the “alveolar bone” is not a priority.
Alveolar bone is often damaged badly with an extraction. This bone is needed to support
future dental implant should patient like to have tooth there again.
For an adult after teeth removed, “alveolar bone” will dissolve as their main function is to
support teeth for normal function, which is eating.

When tooth extraction performed by an Implant Dentist, he will more likely to preserve the
“alveolar bone”. Implant Dentist will have special technique and equipment to remove
teeth with less trauma, and preserve the jaw bone. Do tell the Implant Dentist if you are
thinking of getting Dental Implant in the near future, as he could also do “Socket
Preservation” which involve putting bone graft materials and a collagen membrane/plug to
the socket, allows way better healing of the jaw bone.

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