Why Choose Us?

10 Reasons to choose Best Western Dental as your Dentist
Why Choose Us ?


Reason 1: Highest quality dental care.
Reason 2: Friendly and caring Dentists and staff
Reason 3: We won’t lecture, we listen to you.
Reason 4: Affordable, competitive fees.
Reason 5: Innovation in treatment

We provide many treatments which would not normally be carried out in a general practice, like Dental Implants and Orthodontics thus allowing us to provide a wider range of treatment options to our patients.

Reason 6: Technological Advanced

We invest in the best technology for our patients. We have:
Flat screen monitor ceiling mounted for your entertainment.
State of the art dental chairs for your comfort.
The use of topical anaesthetic – giving you painless injection.
Intra-oral cameras to enable you to see and understand your teeth and gums.
In-house OPG and Latteral Ceph XR machines to assist with diagnostics.

In-house Cone Beam CT scan to assist with diagnostics of any pathology and treatment of Dental Implants.

In-house Trios scan machine to assist with diagnostics and treatment.
Soft tissue Laser: to best management of soft tissue during treatment.
Cerec: Cad Cam technology, same day dentistry Porcelain, higher quality restorations.

Reason 7: We Provide The Most Comprehensive Initial Assessment

To understand you and your situation COMPLETELY
To recommend the IDEAL TREATMENT PLAN for you
We may spend up to 1 hour carrying out your initial dental assessment
During First Visit. We carry out the following:
Digital photographs of your face, and smile. Photographs really help us plan your treatment to a high standard.
Intra Oral Cameras: to show you close up view of your teeth, so you can see clearly the condition of your dental health.
Digital X-rays. We will take necessary X-rays to assess the health of your teeth and surrounding bone. We want to provide a healthy foundation, and take NO CHANCES of missing any underlying problems. We will take a special scanning X-ray (OPG) and also close up small X-rays of individual teeth. We use digital X-rays to enhance our diagnostic interpretation. This also minimises the radiation dose for X-rays.
Full Mouth Teeth and Periodontal (gum) Charting. Checking the supporting structures of your teeth—the gums and bones and checking for various forms of gum and bone disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. We check the gum health by taking special measurements of your gums to accurately identify the level of gum disease you have. By treating this early and properly, will ensure you maintain healthy gums and keep your teeth!
Study Models: these are replica moulds of your teeth which help us assess the shape of your teeth and your bite.
Temporomandibular Joints Assessment. This is important as the lower jaw is connected with these important joints and the long term success of your treatment depends on the health and stability of the Temporomandibular Joints.
Bite Assessment we assess the precision of how your teeth meet together. If you have a comfortable bite, there will be harmony and your restorations will last longer.
Smile Analysis We use a comprehensive, detailed checklist to compare your smile to an ideal smile. By doing this, we are very clear as to what changes to make to your mouth to make you look younger and better!
Oral Cancer Screen We take responsibility to constantly review your soft tissues in the mouth to ensure you do not have any suspicious looking areas or ulcers that can be serious.
In summary, you are assured of a most comprehensive dental assessment available. Our thorough approach when we first meet you is a signature of our service and commitment to oral health.

Reason 8: Family Friendly Dentists

We believe and advise our patients to keep teeth for life dental care. We recognise that as you go through life, your dental needs change.
Children dentistry: Positive dental experiences of a young child can determine their outlook on dentistry and instil good oral hygiene habits so they can care for their teeth for their lifetime. We have highly experienced dental health therapist to do just that. We visit local schools to keep good brushing techniques and encourage good oral health from the start.
Teenagers. Teenagers may require orthodontics and we have in-house orthodontics capability whether it is Invisalign or conventional braces.
Adults & Retirees. We offer conventional restorative procedures such as crowns, bridgework, porcelain fillings, porcelain veneers, and dental implants

Reason 9: We cater for  Nervous Dental Patients

If you are anxious or nervous about dentistry, know that you are not alone in our practice. We see people like you every day, about a third of our patients are nervous, so to help you manage your anxiety we offer:
Empathetic & caring approach
Intravenous or oral sedation to relax clients for longer procedures
Ability to surround yourself with the sounds from your favourite CD/IPOD OR watch your favourite movie.
Anti anxiety medication before treatment
Painless injections

Laughing gas to relax anxious patients

Reason 10: Same day Dentistry

Before: you may have needed to visit the dentist two or three times to have a quality, white ceramic restoration. The dentist would need to take a special ‘impression’ to make a plaster model for the dental laboratory to generate an exact replica of your tooth in order to hand-make your porcelain restoration. The craftsmanship of the laboratory technician is highly regarded, but generally requires a minimum turn-around time of two weeks, leaving you to function with a temporary, generally plastic, restoration.
Now: using Cerec, uses the latest Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD-CAM) techniques to give you perfect  white fillings, veneers or crowns, all in the same day.
We have an in house dental technician look after the manufacturing process of these high quality ceramic restorations.
We use Cerec laser camera to capture and create a 3D image of your teeth. We then design your new restoration on a computer screen. The virtual filling is then transferred into reality using Cerec milling machine. A solid block of porcelain ceramic is inserted into the mill and automatically machined to exactly match this computer model. The perfect-fit restoration then being polish and going through further processing by our dental technician to be completed and placed in your mouth in the same day. Cerec ceramic restorations are natural looking, smooth, white and hard-wearing, just like the enamel surface of your teeth. The ceramic material is biocompatible and is not affected by ho

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