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Smile make over – Penrith Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Le has improve the smile of many of our patients. In fact that is what we do best. Depends on your needs, your budget and your wishes. Your smile can be nicer.

We have been in the business of Improving Smile in Penrith for many years. The most satisfying part of our work is to see our patient’s faces bright and happy. This is because of their new and beautiful smile. We certainly see whole personality changes in those of our patients that have “extreme” smile makeovers. They smile a lot more, because they are happier and more confident.

Time taken varies depending on procedures:


Makeover over one appointment

Smooth out the biting surface of the upper front teeth. At time this is all you need. It is quick and painless. This certainly is the most conservative way to improve your smile

Build up of the front teeth using Teeth Bonding. This will make teeth straighter and whiter. (Composite Resin)

Teeth whitening in office.

Smile Makeover over 2 appointments

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Combination of the above treatments

Makeover over more than 2 appointments

Invisalign or Orthodontics

Dental implants

Combination of the above treatments


Below are examples of the life changing results that Dr Le has achieved with some of his patients

  • Before-Smile makeover 1
    After-Smile makeover 1
    Before Smile makeover 1 After
  • Before-Smile makeover 2
    After-Smile makeover 2
    Before Smile makeover 2 After
  • Before-Smile makeover 3
    After-Smile makeover 3
    Before Smile makeover 3 After
  • Before-Smile-makeover 4
    After-Smile-makeover 4
    Before Smile-makeover 4 After
  • Before-Smile-makeover 5
    After-Smile-makeover 5
    Before Smile-makeover 5 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-6
    Before Smilemakesover-6 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-7
    Before Smilemakesover-7 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-8
    Before Smilemakesover-8 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-9
    Before Smilemakesover-9 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-10
    Before Smilemakesover-10 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-11
    Before Smilemakesover-11 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-12
    Before Smilemakesover-12 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-13
    Before Smilemakesover-13 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-14
    Before Smilemakesover-14 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-15
    Before Smilemakesover-15 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-16
    Before Smilemakesover-16 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-17
    Before Smilemakesover-17 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-18
    Before Smilemakesover-18 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-19
    Before Smilemakesover-19 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-20
    Before Smilemakesover-20 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-21
    Before Smilemakesover-21 After
  • Before- Smilemakesover-22
    After- Smilemakesover-22
    Before Smilemakesover-22 After
  • Before- Smilemakesover-23
    After- Smilemakesover-23
    Before Smilemakesover-23 After
  • Before- Smilemakesover-24
    After- Smilemakesover-24
    Before Smilemakesover-24 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-25
    Before Smilemakesover-25 After
  • Before-Smilemakesover-26
    Before Smilemakesover-26 After

We are providing Smile Makeover for patients in Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill…

Call us today on 4731 4655 to start your journey to a more beautiful smile!


Dr Nathan Le also offer smile makeover at Kempsey Dental Centre


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